Hello there. My name is Danica. My interests include singing/music, reading/books, eating/food, photography, and -- of course -- design.


I don’t remember the year in which I started designing graphics. It might have been in high school, but it could have been a year or so before then. Sometime after that, I started learning about HTML and CSS and how to code websites. My twin sister and I borrowed books about the subject from the library and taught ourselves. My first websites were on freewebs.com, which is now called webs.com, where I posted my graphics and other resources. I transferred my website to other sub-domains throughout/in the following years, along with other domains and sub-domains with different purposes that I shared with my twin.

I graduated from high school in June 2011 and began attending Northern Virginia Community College in August of that year (I was homeschooled until then). My major was Photography & Media. After two years, I got my A.A.S. and started in the Communication Design program. Now, here I am today, in the spring of 2015, graduating from college with a Communication Design A.A.S. along with a specialization in Interactive Design.


Here is a link to my resume.